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PS3 to Laptop Adapter Advice?


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I've recently been looking for ways to play my PS3 on my laptop's screen. I found a video of someone doing it and it seems pretty legit. This is the device he used, it comes with software:


Do you think this would work? I don't have as much knowledge with computers so I wanted to ask here before I thought about buying it.

Here's the video for anyone else who's interested:

Any advice/help would be appreciated.

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I didnt think this is possible at all. The only way off the top of my head I can think of, is to buy a TV tuner that has RCA (composite) (yellow,white,red) inputs and plug the PS3 into that.

All the DVI, HDMI etc ports on your laptop are output, so that won't work.

Also, WTF is this doing in "Graphics & Writers Pad"

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