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Windows activation key problem


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Hey guys, right what has happened is that my new laptop (second hand) has a version of windows xp pre installed into it. I got it yesterday, and windows updates installed me a shit load of updates etc. Then I logon later, and see a pop up which tells me that this version of windows is not genuine, and must be activated within a day. Being a stupid tit, I left it till I got back from college the next day, as it was fairly late. It now says that windows has expired, and I cannot log on to anything but the internet. Which is very annoying. Now, I have found a microsoft sticker on the back of this laptop with a product key on it. I entered this in the activation wizard, and it says it is incorrect. I have tried the activation by phone thing, but that is useless. Can anyone be any help? I reckon Gerard will have a thing to say about this :P. This is very annoying as I want to be able to run programes and listen to music on this laptop.

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thats possible.

ring up the windows activation number, then when you put your number in, it should say that its already in use so press 1 to say you are reinstalling it, and press 1 again to say that you removed it from the old computer. then it should be fine :)

you dont enter the product key at all it should give you some installation ID, thats what you type into the phone, then it gives you back another ID which you type into the box in the activation wizard and then you're done.

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Windows activation is very dumb. I've had times where it would start to pop up after a year of it being fine and activated. I had to reinstall since it wouldn't let me log in to Windows in order to find a fix. But there are things that eliminate Windows activation. I believe as long as you have a legal copy of Windows, it's completely legit to use, right?

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