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2 problems actually...

This one is for Vice City only..

When I try to use a custom / 100% save, the game freezes after the ''Please wait...'' screen. This happened to 99% of the saves I tried (from different sites, including TGTAP). Only one save worked, don't remember who is the author, anyway it has only the story missions done, everything that was not necessary for finishing the game (such as the Sunshine Autos asset, the stunt jumps etc) isn't complete.

The next one is for GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas and it's very annoying...

Sometimes the mouse control freezes randomly, can't move the camera, shoot, aim and stuff like that... and when I go to the menu, the game freezes (60% of the time). I tried changing my mouse, reinstalling the game(s) and Windows, reinstalling the drivers, nothing worked...

I should also mention that IF the game doesn't freeze when I bring up the menu, the mouse control could come back, or go out again. Same for the menu freezing, everything is random.

Hope someone can help :(

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Did you ever replace your main.scm? If yes you must restore the original as that's the game script file and original savegames from sites need it.

No I don't have any mods at all. I have all the original files...

I'm not a nub, I know saves don't work with script mods :P I also have v1.0 of the game, the save's should be compatible...

Ty anyway.

EDIT: I managed to fix the save game problem... sort of... I had to wait about 10 minutes and then ALT + TAB until the game started. Anyway I'm sure these 2 problems are related and I have NO IDEA which is the source.

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