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Ok. Had I done something like this you would have issued another warning to my account. People aren't exactly kind to me either you know.

That's not true. You don't have to be really nice to be people to not-get-banned. He made a light-hearted funny comment because you said you were leaving then quickly changed your mind. No rule against that.

You are in the restricted group for swearing, making duplicate topics, making useless silly posts, swearing, making stupid one-word posts, making pointless topics etc etc etc.

It's a shame that you're mad at me. If it had been any other staff member, you would have been banned a LONG time ago. Would you prefer that? I'm sure it could be arranged.

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Raybob, there's no good reason to take a break, it's good to clear your mind for a while, but this isn't going to help you. I'd recommend you to learn from others (Staff are good role models, but there are others on here that are as well).

I was exactly like you when I was a newbie, Raybob. Maybe you should look at some of my past posts and see how I was. I was pretty much worse compared to you back 4 years ago. I even got the "Most Annoying Member" award when Chris started up the awards back then (2006 was the precise time). Some of us members back then remember. If not, you should check out the forum awards archive, and you can see how much people didn't enjoy my presence on the forum.

Through the course of 2007 I improved quite a bit, and I got the "Most Improved Member" award at the end. This can prove something, that if you were once an annoyance, there's always a path for improvement. Like you, Gerard was there telling me what was wrong. I took his advice. If I was able to take is advice, you can too.

So don't be mad at Gerard, he's giving you a second chance for redemption, take this opportunity before you do get banned. But at the end of the day, it's your choice.

@Steam: I wasn't directing my sentence to you about the language side of it. Most of you don't have English as a second language. I respect that.

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I think this should be ended now since continuing such a long topic even after the matter has been resolved in website suggestions and problems section is not correct. You can continue it in the lounge or fun and off-topic section. Right ? Sorry and correct me if I am wrong. :)

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Sweet topic, I've been laughing and thinking (Something I ussually never do) for a good while now.

All I have to say after reading all that, is that you get what you give; if you start being an immature dickhead insulting everyone, you'll be treated as a dickhead, not insulted, instead, you'll get a more human (If that's the word) answer, either banned or suspended.

And as many other people here said, you either change, or leave.

I tell for my own experience; I used to roam around posting shit, and I got suspended once, if I remember well.

But I noticed I was wrong after I tried to leave; I'm still a dickhead, but I guess I have respect for others - Hehe.

So, get good, or fuck off, sorry to tell ya, but thats what I feel (I am a man of hard words).

@Jace: Can you spare some Popcorn over here, pardner?

It's a lil cold outside and i have no money to buy my own *sad puppy face*

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