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Anyone else remember Sonic Adventure?


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If you have never played this, and you are a sonic fan.. this was the best sonic game ever.

but it was on the dreamcast.

anyone also remember the Dreamcast?

what did you think of sonic adventure.

the series has gone down the hill now...

seriously what was the point of being a wearhog in unleashed..

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Completely the wrong forum dude, you should posted in the General Gaming Forum.

Anyway, I do remember the Dreamcast and Sonic Adventures, however, I've never played it. I've never taken a fancy to those sorts of games, i.e. games like Mario, Sonic and so on. I don't like them much nowadays either, it all looks the same as when they came out to me.

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Yep. its called Sonic: Project Needlemouse(working title)Coming out next year.

in 2011, itll be sonics 20th anniversary, i so hope they make a good 3d sonic, not garbage.

Sonic Adventure was the best sonic game of all time, well best 3D sonic game. it was more fun than the genesis/mega drive sonics.

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Ah, I remember that game, my cousin brother use to own a Dreamcast and play it. It was quite fun, probably the best 3D Sonic game. But really, after that, it failed miserably. I guess you could say the reason Sonic games aren't as fun as they use to be is because back then Sonic was pretty big and well known. Even my big brother use to play Sonic when we use to have the Sega Mega Drive.

Those were the good old days... But I guess nowadays it's all about the graphics and not the gameplay. I think that's what's made Sonic a very poor game in this generation of computer games.

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