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Highlights of the noughties


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What do you think are your personal highlights and the global highlights of the 00s? These can be anything significant to you, your friends or family or in the world whether good or bad, it's up to you.

We may have a vote on the biggest global highlights or events of the last decade but you have to nominate them.

For me:

The worst highlights of the decade (world):

September 11th 2001

I remember watching this on the TV on the day it happened, even then I was distraught and - due to my young age - fascinated at a tower falling down. I regard it as one of the worst attacks against humanity in the last 50 years. I also remember that I was in Primary 3 (English Year 3) and the announcement thing (tannoy (sort of like an airport PA)) announced that the towers had collapsed and over 2000 people were killed.

The best highlights of the decade (world):

January 20th 2009

George Bush gone, Barack Obama comes in. Thank God the Bush Administration is gone.

May 1st 2004

The European Union expands to 26 member states, its largest expansion yet. Countries admitted:

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Malta and Cyprus

I like it because it makes travelling and living in Europe much easier.

I'll have to think of my personal highlights because there are loads.

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You mean January 20? Thats the inaugration day.

Mine are

September 11th 2001

I was in Nursery(American: First Year of Kindergarden) and when i came home my parents were watching this on TV. I remember someone saying America is under attack on the TV that voice is stuck. I was like thats sad

I'll think about anything else i cant think

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Well theres quite a lot thats happened in this decade compared to others but I'm probably only saying that because I've really lived through this decade.

Biggest News -

Twin Tower Attacks

2004 Tsunami

Hurricane Katrina

The Credit Crunch

Swine Flu (how exaggerated was this)

Afghanistan and Iraq wars

General Palestinian-Isreali conflict

Irans Nuclear Programme

Roger Federer overtaking Pete Sampras in total grand slam wins

Thats all I cant think of, of the top of my head but theres probably more.

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