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Load Failed! Save game not compatible with this version of GTA


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I played GTA San Andreas a while ago and got pretty far in the game. I recently moved and lost the disc and had to go buy another, now when I try to load from my old game it says "Load Failed. Save game not compatible with this version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Restarting Now."

Can anyone help me figure out what version I have and if there is a way to find out what version I need to be compatible with my saved game? Until this I didn't even know there were different versions. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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You might be running version 2.0; it isn't open to modding unless if you downgrade. Check the main menu if it has 2.0 written somewhere.

By main menu you mean the menu that comes up when you are playing and press start right? and I just did that but didn't see anything anywhere that said 2.0. Is there nothing that says on the case or the disc or another way to tell?

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If you look at the code numbers for the games, there's 2 or more versions of san andreas im guessing.

see here

ok, I found that number on my disc. it is SLUS 20946GH. Looks like that was the first version out if I'm reading this correctly... meaning the one I originally played on was version 2?? I don't think I remember seeing Greatest Hits or Special Edition on the old one.

So I just looked on ebay to see if I could find any differences between the ones selling on there and my game. I noticed that on my disc on the bottom it is red where it says PlayStation2 and there are ones on ebay that are black in that spot. I'm hoping that could be the difference between versions. Does anyone know the meaning of the color difference?

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