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Think color sig - Fresh piece of work by me.


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A fresh new sig by me. Using it at the moment. Also changed my avatar to match the sig. Please tell me about it from your own viewpoint. I mean how it looks for you. Good or bad or...


Been thinking of a complete graphic overhaul of my profile including my about me page.

Please comment and thanks for looking.

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You've got a great idea, but you haven't executed it very well.

The plasma TV screen looks horribly cut off, and it's not straight either. You should add another image which can be possibly faded in, and using the colour green on it would make sense (Since the sig is about colour).

But like I said before, you haven't executed the entire idea, but you've just got replace that Plasma TV with something else, and then you're done.

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Thanks TM. Really Useful. :) Here's what I changed -


I couldn't find a suitable image to fade in so I created one on my own. Its basically the same thing. I just duplicated it, twisted and turned it around,added a slight fade to it, and added color. I also gave the whole sig some finishing touches to make it stand out. So how does is it look now ?

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