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I've just ran the query manually for you both to see what results are returned (I haven't read the messages, don't worry).

Steam: There are indeed 17 messages that are showing as unread by you. The earliest of these is from December 15th, and the most recent being from yesterday. Could you check your messages on and in between these dates, I presume some must be showing the little "unread" icon. Let me know if everything appears to be read by you, if so I'll just manually set them as read in the database so they don't show up as new.

Ryan: Same for you really. 5 messages from between December 27th and January 4th. Let me know if you can't see any messages with an unread icon, and as I said I'd do for Steam, I'll just manually set these to read for you.

Anyone else with similar problems let me know.

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