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World Cup 2010


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The winning goal was actually offside, so it should have gone to penalties, which the Dutch would probably have won. And just before that goal, there should have been a corner given to Holland. But just before that, a Dutch player should have been sent off.

It wasn't. The winning goal just wasn't offside, the commentators showed it clearly again and again. Wanted Holland to win though, and seemed like they would. Also, who's gonna get the golden boot? Since I was awake for as long as 3 am at night but didn't hear anything about it. :)

I noticed around 2-3 corners were not given to Holland. Casillas was a smart guy.

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I dislike some pundits, they dislike Netherlands style of play but they know fine well if they played 'total football' they would have got torn apart. The Netherlands played well all things considering but should have had more people sent off from Netherlands, they did play a bit physical but you have to do that against Spain.

All in all it was a poor game (as are most finals) but the tournament as a whole I think the Netherlands punched above their weight and Spain probably deserved to win the tournament.

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