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World Cup 2010


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I predicted a week ago it would be a Holland Brazil final, which went wrong but still. Holland are doing really really well. I want them to win it. I think Argentina could play them in the final. A pity about Ghana, I watched most of it and that penalty miss was shocking. All he had to do was roll it in the net, not HAMMER IT as hard as he could, and hit the crossbar.

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Not a good match. Dutch players were dirty, but their defence was solid. Spain were fast but just couldn't beat the Dutch defence.

The winning goal was actually offside, so it should have gone to penalties, which the Dutch would probably have won. And just before that goal, there should have been a corner given to Holland. But just before that, a Dutch player should have been sent off.

All things considered, this was a really difficult match for the (British) referee, and he was lucky to have make the good calls that he did. Given that Holland should have had maybe even 3 more players sent off, in the end, the better team won.

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Seems that every team I was rooting for got shot. First was the United States, but we all know they suck. Then was Argentina, but they got owned by Germany. Last, I rooted for the Netherlands to win this game but they got shell shocked when Spain put one in on 'em.

Even though it was scoreless, it was an interesting game. Both teams had a lot of chances... thought it would've been more dramatic for a penalty kick shootout.

Also can tell that Dutch ESPN World Cup analyst Ruud Gullit must've been yelling when that goal went in for Spain.

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