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Grand Theft Auto vs Red Dead Redemption...


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We all know GTA is better... always has been... because of that, and despite the title, I'm not gonna compare the too. What I wanna compare instead is the attention Rockstar is giving to them.

What we got from GTA IV:

-An epic Xbox 360 and PS3 game, but a rushed, shitty ported, SecuFAG protected PC version.

-2 DLC's. That's it. 2.

-A Special Edition.

What we got from Red Dead Redemption:

-A good Xbox 360 and PS3 game.

-Tons of DLCs. And they keep comming.

-More multilayer events than in GTA.

My point is that Rockstar seems to have abandoned all the other games except Red Dead Redemption. I mean, there haven't been any news about Max Payne 3 in a few months, although based on what Rockstar said when they 1st announced it, the game should have been released by now. There haven't been any announcements about a new Midnight Club game... And I'm especially pissed off that they abandoned GTA IV although any idiot knows that GTA IV was far more successful than any other game.

Bottom line is Rockstar turning into EA?

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