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Problem in Vice City


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When I'm doing the mission Two Bit Hit, this happen.!!

Sori, no pic.. cannot upload.. When I go to Little Havana to pickup the cloth, All the building textures didn't load properly and there was a grey sort of thing blocking the road...(If you understand what I mean) This happen too in Viceport and Little Haiti..(I'm not sure about Downtown) Can anyone tell me what's the problem...

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It looks like it's just your graphics card having trouble loading everything. Does this happen all of the time?

That used to happen to me all the time, but only the roads textures not loading up fast enough. But the wall problem you got I'm not too sure about, the best thing to do, is back up your save game and do a fresh install of Vice City.

Good luck.

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First I saved at the 8 slot, it still happen like that. Then I deleted it and started a new game and saved it at the 2 slot, is still happen like that. This always happen only during the mission Two Bit Hit. Although I failed the mission, it still stay that way. The Good News.. It is very easy for me to see the ghost tower.

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This happens to me most of the time enjoying San Andreas the problem is that your game has not loaded the pictures up yet try to wait a while or just press the windows mark button and you will come to your desktop then press the vice city on your bar at the bottom of your screen if it still is like that just wait.

Hope this helped

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@tommyvercitti: Yup, the same thing would happen to me with Vice City. My screen would suddenly get all distorted and I would use the same fix: Escape, ALT-Tab out to the desktop, then resume and it would be fine until I quit playing.

@Fuzzy168: I heard about a glitch with this mission. In fact, it happened to me at least once. Is the wall invisible but with collision geometry? Right in front of the clothing store entrance where you are supposed to pick up the Cuban gang outfit but you can not get to it? There was a fix for this somewhere, but I do not remember where I saw it. Even so, if you used the fix, you would probably have to start the game all over because it most likely moves an object (either the wall or the clothes pickup) which USUALLY screws up save files. If I locate the fix or find out anything else I will let you know.

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