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The Bossman

MW3 coming soon?

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A site called www.findmakarov.com has appeared on the net, with a countdown leading to the opening of the GDC - Games Developers Conference. Adding to this, a few games sites received dog tags with the site name on, but it's not sure where they came from. Seeing as it has makarov in the site name, people are speculating its counting down to a reveal of Modern Warfare 3, but since the site became known, Activision have since denied any involvement with the site. Also, recently EA released the free to play Duty Calls, which is obviously mocking COD, but was released to promote Bulletstorm. Could this be another trick by EA to mislead COD fans, or is it genuine but Activison don't want to comment until the GDC starts?

Links below:

the site - http://www.findmakarov.com/

the story - http://www.computerandvideogames.com/290955/modern-warfare-3-set-for-gdc-reveal/

the denial - http://www.computerandvideogames.com/291017/news/modern-warfare-3-reveal-site-activision-distances-itself-from-stunt/

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