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Silence Ain't Golden

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Expect a MetalHead to say such a thing, right??

But in honesty, I'm talking about GTA Five, I'd been speculating with friends about the GTA 5 information expectancy, and trying not to lose any sleep over it, but Rockstar and Take2 have in the past few months, pointed out that their gaming Franchise will take all required time and not be rushed out the door, but hint of a list provided to Gamestop IIRC, showed a GTA mention for early next year, and of course, If Les Benzies, Sam Houser, or Dan Houser's up for renewal contract with Take2, as I understand it, claimed to be a sign something can be expected before hand. I am not sure beyond rumor what kind of fact that might be, I think Rockstar North have to show something of the game in a year leading up to the release, most likely some stills to entice a setting and story speculation in motion

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