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GTA VCS PSP Emulator


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Nope, sorry no idea. But you can use PCSX2 for the PS2 version, they are basically the same.

You need a pretty good PC to emulate PS2 games though... I tried GTA VCS on a Pentium 4, 768MB RAM, ATi Radeon 9600 256MB (crap PC, but PC GTA games all ran perfectly on it) and it ran at exactly 2 FPS.

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I'd love to have VCS emulator working on PC, since I don't have a PS2 handy or PSP anymore, nor did I buy the PS2 version

Where do I sign up, I mean right now!? I didn't even give it much thought. I was looking over one site page where HOT LINKS was a sidebar showing MAME, and now we know Mame/Mame32 is pretty dated, Actual video arcade game emulation, par excellence.

Of course, I paid for the game, I just sold the system to get money I needed.

The one mentioned above seems easiest to find, and to avoid a CRAP LOAD of pop ups, use this link direct I hope....will work, the MAME ROM one required signing up and had the plethora of pop ups involved


Do you need the PS2 disc in your DVD ROM on your laptop or PC? WinXP I imagine is the best OS

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