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recap of E3 2011

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One thing i notice was " valve " was a MIA and have nothing to show so " HL3 or CS2 ? " nothing wow and HALO 4 denied by PC ?

I saw the list of the games they are showing off and they got my attention like "pc version"

Bioshock Infinity

Prototype 2

Battlefield 3


RE:Operation Raccoon City

Mass Effect 3

Saint Row 3


Brother In Arm: Furious 4

Call Of Juarez : The Cartel

Far Cry 3

Assassin Creed:Revelations

And some shocking like

Rayman Origins

Skylander : Spyro Adventured

And some new games that will be release and see the new trailer they are awesome

Rage " Is Fallout but no strung out "

Dead Island is a mix of " L4d and Dead Rising but with zombie on a island "

and not part of E3 but if you was not aware but there will be a metal gear solid for the pc for 2012


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Apart from Mass Effect 3, Hitman 5 and Assassins Creed Revelations (which weren't very generous with details, gameplay etc...) it's been another disappointing year at E3... it would have been a good time for Rockstar to come and steal the show again.

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I really didn't know Valve was there :o

Yea...............maybe VALVE have some top secret shiz and that is will shock the world " just speculating "

Yea E3 2011 was a FAIL but too bad they wont let the pubic in since we are "consumer and gamer" but is nothing like tokyo game show they do it for 2 day for private industry and 2 day for public



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To my knowledge R* has their own conference so they were never going to make an appearance.

As for E3 though, Battlefield 3 won me over completely. That game looks really nice! Can't wait. I'm also anticipating Skyrim. I decided to get a PC upgrade for all the impending great games which are coming out soon

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Rockstar were always the stars at E3... well I guess money changes people.

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Let me tell you a side story

I have a problem with GTA 4 when it first came out and "rockstar support" the agent didn't do a through support this person gave me sub-standard service and i call and e-mail the same thing well i found out who the ceo is and use the employee directory and i got his voice mail and i left a message about what i experience well in lest that 2 day latter the ceo that right THE BOSS OF ROCKSTAR call me i was speechless and i almost did the "wanes world: were not worth bit" on the phone but i got a grip and i explain what happen and he took my information and about 1hrs latter a support tech call me and it turn out to be the my disk was defective and they were going to sent me a envelope for a replacement but since i use to live near manhatan that can i go downtown to there headquarter they put me on hold and they told me yes and is was me and my bro "another gta fans" so as we enter we meet a rockstar team member and we when up and they gave me a new copy and i didn't expect this but they gave me but i got a gta swag bags [email protected]# fill with poster and sticker even keychain and i will never forget it !

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