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Steam Sale: 71% off The Rockstar Collection


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The Steam Summer Camp sale has started, and from now until the 10th July you can grab some great games at massively discounted prices. Something of which might be of interest to you is "The Rockstar Collection". This collection consists of all the Grand Theft Auto games, Max Payne 1 and 2, Bully, and Midnight Club 2.

Savings of 71% mean you can grab all these games for just £27.99 ($39.99).

Check out the deal over on the Steam Store.

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No? If you mean PayPal, you need a card to deposit there too, so...

And also, do you have any ideas on how expensive is any eletronical-related thing around here? I'll tell you:

PlayStation 3: $1500, if you have luck.

Xbox 360: $1200

Wii: $800

PlayStation 2: $500

A shitty, really shitty computer: $1000+

A Blu-Ray disc: $90+

A DVD disc: $40+

A PS2 game: $35+

A PS2 game: $100+

A PC game: you can't even find around here...

I really hate pirated things, but until I get a credit card, I'll have to use 'em :(

EDIT: And yeah, it sucks really hard to live here...

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Well over here:

PlayStation 3: 500$

Xbox 360: 550$ yes Xboxes are more expensive than PS3's here, + xLive shit.

Pee... I mean Wii: 450$

PlayStation 2: 136$

PC prices vary from a crappy 500$ PC to a really good one for the same price, just don't be surprized if the 2nd one blows up in your face.

A Blu-Ray disc: Impossible to find here, I didn't even think you could actually find Blu-Ray blanks anywhere...

A DVD disc: Under 1$

Old games: Not less than 10$

New games: 60$ - 70$

Cheap right? If I lived in the US maybe, cause these prices are f*cking killer here.

As for pirated crap, there's really nothing worth paying over 20$ for anymore, so let there be torrents.

EDIT: Internet, phone and cable are pretty cheap here, I pay about 150$ a year for 120 MB/s + phone + cable.

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