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Division City Roleplay

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100% Full "Home-Brewed" Script

Medium to Strict RP based in Fort Carson and Red County

Dedicated team of SAMP Veterans

Gamemode edited with new additions or fixed DAILY

24/7 Dedicated SAMP and TeamSpeak 3


Website: www.division-roleplay.com


[*]Engine starting/stopping system

[*]Lights on and off system

[*]Toll booth system on all major roads leaving LV

[*]Advanced administration system using Lethal Admin

[*]Housing/Biz system

[*]Fully custom 100% home made script

[*]Advanced futuristic vehicle technology (AI Vehicles)

[*]Vitals system. Tracks your hunger, thrist, sleep and drunk levels. If you don't eat sleep or drink you will die!

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Don't know, but there's a Multiplayer section where people are advertizing hard and nobody seems to mind so, yeah.

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