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Forum Upgrade

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Ok everyone I think I've fixed all the major errors. In the last 10 mins the following things should have been fixed:

  • Calendar didn't get upgraded from 3.1 - it is now upgraded to 3.2
  • Some pages in seemingly random topics would fail to load due to a database error

A couple of days ago I also fixed the issue with lots of avatars that were missing. They should all be back in place now.

The bug that Evo mentioned: posting in some topics would not refresh the page on successful post, resulting in double posts etc. still seems to be here. I'm looking into it now but there are no errors anywhere so it's almost impossible to pinpoint what's wrong. Let me know if there are any other topics where this is happening.

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Just upgraded the forums to 3.2.1 which is primarily a bug fix release. IPB say "More than 170" bugs fixed in fact. If you guys see any strange errors when posting or whatever then post them here so I can look into them.

V.3.2.1 is too slow at times. There are a few link bugs you need to fix.

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