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Am stuck please help me

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please guys i'm stuck in low rider's mission where i challenge guys with my car the dancing car i press on the arrows on my keyboard but its not working as well !!!

i don't know if am stuck earlier than all you'v done lol but i'm just a beginner and such an amateur so please gimme ur supports


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By default the keys for hydraulics are:

NUM8: Front hydraulics

NUM2: Rear hydraulics

NUM4: Left hydraulics

NUM6: Right hydraulics

It would be best to set them to the arrow keys but you have to do that manually from options. Anyway if you press NUM8 or NUM2 or the others and nothing happens then try toggling NUM lock on and off, I heard there's a bug that causes that on newer systems...

Also, if you have a fast PC you should toggle V-Sync / Frame Limiter ON, GTA 3, VC and SA weren't made to run at high frame rate.

These are generic solutions, more details about your problem would be nice... hope these help tho.

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