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Hey guys, I'm stuck with this mission from Jimmy Pegorino I think the missions called "Payback" or something anyways, I drive to the destination and then the loading screen pops up and stays there forever.

I tried doing other missions and they work fine only this one, it's driving me crazy! What should I do?

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Yeah happens, you might also encounter it in No. 3 from TBoGT.

Disable V-Sync from options (and also any commandline frame limiter if you have it). If that don't work (should) try pressing Home, Esc or ALT + TAB wile it's loading, that worked for me on several occasions.

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It actually loads now after simultaneously pressing the home and the esc key so nevermind the above post now that i know i cant edit posts after some time.

Luckily I can still edit this post!

OK now this loading screen thing is happening on a lot of missions now and some get stuck and all these keys aren't working so i need to know where this v-sync is I can't find it or anything relating to that in the options menu. Please help!

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