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San Andreas Quiz

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1. What car does your girlfriend Denise have?

•Monster Truck •Jester •Hustler •Voodoo

2. What happens if you start the Chiliad Challenge when you have a parachute equipped, and you jump down the mountain and open the parachute?

•The bike and parachute both attach to CJ •You fail the challenge •You get killed •Nothing

3. What does CJ say hit him in the face when he was swimming when Woozie refuses to go into the water?

•A jellyfish •A condom •A severed limb •He doesn't say

4. Your homies can swim.


5. There is a Triathlon in the game.


6. The song 'Young Hearts' by Rod Stewart is played on K-DST.


7. What is the name of the female presenter on Radio X?

•Herb •Sage •Mary •Freida

8. You get the jetpack at Verdant Meadows directly after the Mission called 'The Black Project'.


9. What is Officer Pulaski's first name?

•Eddie •Lance •Frank •It doesn't say

10. CJ kills Officer Frank Tenpenny.


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