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Crashes during loading screen


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ok, so when i installed EFLC and when i clicked exe. it said it couldn't find xlive.dll so i downloaded the latest gfwl and it worked up until when it reached the R* logo then it crashed, so i looked up for a solution and fixed the registry and that worked up until the TLAD loading screen then it crashes again....

I've been looking for the solution all around and they said i should download xliveless and delete files in the temp folder, so i tried that but that still didn't work, what the hell is wrong??

please help, i've been downloading this thing for ages and now it's giving me the shits...

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FYI: Crashes are rarely caused by no-CD / DVD cracks. Only problem I've encountered with cracks was secuNOOB activating in:

GTA IV (Drunk Camera and zero HP on all cars)

Mirror's Edge (random slow-mo during a level)

Spore (80% of animations failed to trigger)

The Sims 2 (nothing in build mode would work)

Don't know what to say mate, best I can recommend is you re-install the game :P

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