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Do you think gta sa is unique? If so would you wish for gta sa part 2

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Just like old GTa SA , the new will also meshed up with Myths ,EE and , darely missions .... not must realism ,, but bettter performance [i mean engine performance ] .......

Hey i hv a prblm with gta sa , i have a 1366x768 laptop 16:9 , 32 bit , intel g.c [this is not the reason of my prblm] gta sa is not covering my whole screen but in my Friend desktop itz working properly . not only gta the NFS almost every nfs ... and TOMB RAIDER has the same poblem ... Is it due to LCD screen of Desktop also my screen is thinkpad ...

Best Sandbox Game Ever

People only liked crysis for it's shiny graphic's

Duke Nukem 3D is better then Crysis

Yeah Gta is the best ever OW game ..

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Would I like to see a sequel to SA? Yes, but preferably not a direct sequel. I think it'd be better to have a completely different storyline unrelated to SA's, since one of the strong points of the GTA games is that you don't have to have played the previous game to understand what's happening or know who somebody is.

The only way a direct sequel could work IMO is if CJ was the big bad this time around, had grown too powerful for his own good, and wronged one of his underlings or friends, that underling/friend being the player character.

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