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GTA SA crashes right after loading a saved game

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Hello long time no see guys

But when i start my GTA SA and load my saved game thats not downloaded just b4 its gonna start the game it crashes and sends me to the desktop and i right click and click run as, it says vorbisfile.dll is missing but i have vorbisFile.dll so i try to make the big F a little one but it doesnt work any soloution ??

Please answer as fast as u can guys

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It goes in the game dir yeah:


didnt help now i replaced the old dll with the new one and placed it in the SA game directory and now when the bar reaches 80% it shuts down

and it doesnt work when placing it in the user file directory

and i only download on mod and thats the sex shop transforming in las venturas

so what should i do right now please help

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