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Personal Computer GTA 3 Keybrd / Mouse


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What I'd like from you guys/gals, present what you prefer for a PC game playing with the keyboard and mouse defaults. Take a picture of your screen control layout panel, and present here, if you think it helps other players, I tried moving a few keys around, using a mouse for driving, Standard and Classic, defaults, but still a problem.... I just need my trusty PSX PS2 controller.

USB for Xbox 360 controllers works well enough, though I only used it for GTA IV on PC thus far.

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I didn't do that, but I did have the laptop touch pad inactive till I selected the opposite directions within the Mouse menu, Reversing up and down directions. The camera moves better if you chose Classic and directions for where to look, I designated IJKM keys

I also moved the Select, weapon (][) keys and Fire, for on foot, and the keys U,O for directions shooting from a car, left or right.

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I bought a game controller USB imitation XB360 one, it's from Game Stop, but really made via MadCatz. I'm not yet playing with it, but even with the controller, some custom adjustments are needed. I used Control panel to plot out axis and button number which should help mapping from the game menu

If you Google the Mad Catz, you can find they offered a few over the years, I downloaded MS' 360 utility for PCs, installed the controller, ran the software, rebooted, and it recognized so I'm off to test drive it, I did make do with the keyboard for about two weeks, then I was off and moving again, without the discs handy. Well, I just don't think I'd ever surpass my controller prowess! haha

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