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Help Chrome/Silver Cars


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I can't seem to find the answer to the problem I'm having with my SA cars. Almost every car I download ends up in the game shiny chrome to the point where you cant tell what the color actually is or the decals or wording on the vehicles is not even legible. I figured it was just something with the models I was downloading however, pretty much everything in the game that should be sliver, is chrome (windshield wipers, grill etc). Occasionally form far away the color is normal but then turns to this chrome. I'm at my wit end with this! I've searched and searched Google and found nothing so I was hoping you folks had the answer. I'm using SA on my Mac. I've included a screen shot. Thanks in advance!


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Would you suggest deleting SAMI and try doing it manually with a IMG tool or is it too late? I've never used an IMG tool nor do I know how to manually put the vehicles in. I just downloaded the IMG tool 2.0 and carefully reading and rereading the tutorial on modding cars. Its still all pretty confusing right now. Thanks for all of your help, I really appreciate it.

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