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Activities and Minigames In GTAV


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Hey there!

I've only been on this website since earlier today, already I'm liking what I see and I think it would be awesome to give back what I take; threads/discussions that will get everyone talking! :D

So, I'm a YouTuber... I've been covering some topics revolving around GTA:V for only a short while, but hope to do alot more in the future. The video below covers everything I am touching on in this post, so if you haven't got too much time and want to get straight to it, be sure to click that play button! :D

So, I'm sure many of the GTA Veterans on here know about the majority of the side activities that have been available over the years; mainly things like pool, darts, golf, and several others... What do we wanna see in the next instalment of this amazing franchise? The same again? Something completely different?

I came up with the idea of races. In GTA:IV there were a few opportunities to go for a rumble 'round the block, but that was only for a little while. Maybe something a bit more diverse is to be put in place, you could pull up to any red lighted traffic light and be challenged to a race there and then, no matter what time of day and no matter what car? Sound good?

The question is, what is it you would like to see in the way of side activities, in Grand Theft Auto: V ???

I can't wait to see your responses!



P.S Hope you don't mind the really long post, I wanted to put a moderate amount of effort into it. =P

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One of my favorite mini game's I would love to see in this GTA, is the one from San An in one of the stadium's where you are on your sanchez and have all the crazy stunt's to complete. Also go kart racing which was also a mini game in san an.. Hell, just bring all the mini game's and activitie's back that they had in San An and I'll be happy

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