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Rumour – 2K Czech on Grand Theft Auto V, Mafia III


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According to VG24/7, 2K Czech is joining Rockstar on the development of GTA V, and Rockstar will join 2K Czech to develop Mafia III. 2K is

2K is supposedly working for 1 year already on cut-scenes, animations and part of the gameplay for GTA V, and in exchange Rockstar will help on the development of Mafia III.

source: http://www.vg247.com/2012/03/06/rumour-2k-czech-working-on-grand-theft-auto-v-mafia-iii/

Do you guys think that this is good or bad news? If this is true, of course.

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I read in GAMEStm that they speculate there's a major re-write of RAGE just to accomodate the sheer size and audacity that will be GTA V, now I remember this rumor or report, but heard nothing about it since... I'd say it's interesting that this delay has sparked a number of ideas, even that they might scrap a THIS GENERATION build to accomodate new console technology! Hey, I'm serious! hahaha

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