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I thought I would never be able to relog into my account but Here we are :D I honestly cant remember the last time i visited the forum it must of been two or three years now... But anywho All i can say is i want to be forever young. feels like yesterday GTASA was the hot stuff and everyone was still playing SA-MP. I have finished Highschool now and have completed BCIT Diesel and i am on my way on becoming a Heavy duty mechanic! :D My grammar and spelling is horrible i am aware but I am a kid at heart that loves Grand Theft Auto.

Chris you've kept the site up and running beautifully by the looks of it! The forum seems a little more complicated than what i remember though.

I just wanted to pop by and say Hi is all.

And Ive done a few things to my car as well :)


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Welcome back, good to see you around again :)

And thanks, yeah it's had a few upgrades in the past couple of years. Activity having its ups and downs but should pick up again now Max Payne 3 is out and GTA V info should be more forthcoming. Looking forward to it all!

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