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GTA Houston, Texas..


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Ok, so I know that GTA V is going to be in LA. But earlier I was listening to Grey Tapes,Drake's mixtape "So Far Gone", and KIrko Bangz and it got me thinking what a great place Houston would be for GTA. I was thinking a young African American protaganist (21-24). I just feel like Houstons African American culture (as well as others, dont get me wrong) is just great for it. The music is great. I only really listen to rap so thats what I can comment on. Classics such as Screw, Big Moe,Lil Keke and Bun B and even new artists such as Drake or Kirko Bangz. The cars are great too. Candy paint, drop top, blinged out cars. Kind of like San Andreas. Also, a drink...Lean..could be cool for the game. Add on please, this is right off the top of my head. Thanks for reading & Happy Memorial Day!

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GTA V won't be in LA it will be based on it, probably with some hints of other well known cities. It has already been announced as such, which makes your post not about GTA V but another future GTA. The cities that are chosen as inspiration are cities that are well known internationally, this is because the games are produced by a company in Edinburgh. One of the main features of this game is parody (taking the piss), and that is only possible when the audience has some sort of knowledge of the original. Very few people outside of the States would know anything about Houston (personally I only know that is in Texas, nothing more), which would make it unsuitable for GTA.

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