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Why GTA V will Fail

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My guess on the prolonged development is twice as much CITY must be created if they make all interiors accessible, which is a major complaint against GTA IV, lots of pretty buildings, but nothing to do there or enter in some at all. I have always been disappointed in a new "digital playground" lacking the play aspect.

As crazy as that kids comments are, I concur, there are a ton of LAME BRAINS out there, and it's better to not care what they think. You keep a piece of your sanity in doing so. BUT, to say kids should and will be playing GTA, I tend to think THAT'S the problem, not anything Rockstar did. Their game is a complete work of parody - satire - fiction, taken in exact same context as any book or movie. So... Any argument about that is a complete waste of time. but kids, this is not an educational game!

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Yeah most definitely, Rockstar has made this game and art their genre, pointing fingers at them for "encouraging violent and dangerous acts" is like pointing fingers at professional food chefs for cutting meat using sharp knives. They have to right? it's a tool right? and some idiot out there could say "Hey it's okay to chop animals in half.....alive".

we have to face an uncomfortable trend that is appearing (well it always has) that it's people's want to play the game, and to do whatever they have to do to fulfill that desire they have. GTA is an adult game, but just like cigarettes or beer, people will get their hands on it (even more so when it's prohibited), one way or another,I believe.

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