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SA:MP - "Fuckz0rs" Hacking tool - June 2012

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Finally after many weeks of coding we

managed to complete our hacking tool.

As you already see it's called "Fuckz0r"

because you are going to fuck every single "GTA sa:mp" server! Just follow the

written instructions below and you

will be able to run and use it. It's easy so go on.

Released to public: 26/6/2012

How to use/ Instructions:

- Download the program

- Extract the folder

- Run the fuckz0r file.

- Enter the server IP

- Write your name

- Open sa-mp.exe

- Select which version is the server (0.3d , 0.3e 0.3c)

- Press "Connect"

- Login in normally and press in-game "Y123"



Xz0rCoder - for making the coding

ZeN0nx - for the idea

Jenzesa - for the help

Dsquared - for investing

SpartiaN - for design and usage

WORKING AT 0.3E , 0.3C , 0.3D!

*link removed*

We are a player friendly community and do not support hacking, or cheating outsider of single player. All it does is generate animosity for people who don't want to cheat. Anyone still wishing to download can google and get it from elsewhere.

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