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GTA IV Complete Edition Radio Question

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Alright, so obviously this bundle came out two years ago... and I'm just finding this out now. Anyway the game came out on PS3 and PC and the PS3 version has all three games on one CD. So GTA Wikia claims that the three radio stations are only exclusive to the Episodes from Liberty City stand alone. But I've seen some PS3 gameplay videos of The Ballad of Gay Tony and they include every single radio station from GTA IV with Ram Jam FM, Vice City FM, and Self Actualization. Even though Massive B, Tuff Gong, Classics, and a few more were replaced.. can someone make it clear to me please ?

Is the game like this ?

GTA IV - All Original Radio Stations + Updated Original Radio Stations (Does not include new radio stations)

GTA TLAD & TBoGT - All Original Radio Stations + Ram Jam FM , Self Actualization, and Vice City FM.

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As you begin your question, sounds like you equated THREE radio stations with the three segments of DLC and the main GTA IV, the COMPLETE disc version offered the two DLC, DownLoad Content that Microsoft paid 50 million for, and the main Niko and Roman game. From what I know just playing the separate EPISODES for PC and Xbox, there is changed content, reason being it's far easier to change up the game in terms of additions for initial Download that way then making a major game change, like a new map, it's just audio so there's no animation work required.

I believe they'd have to sacrifice room on a disc anyway, as they've explained as far as compression tactics with a game so large! haha

PS3 is the only system with enough space. There's no BD PC data discs being used for gaming that I know of, but I believe it's just a matter of time and effort before they serve in that capacity as well

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Not sure why the edit button disappears so soon, but to append, in your description about GTA IV, as the game play progresses, YES, the radio programming changes, this is also a simple, effective change that the game makers can do within the game, streaming different elements dynamically.

You can spot a Making Of the MUSIC of Red Dead Redemption on YouTube that shows how they incorporate dynamic streaming of any audio recorded for the game! It's pretty cool

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^I hate to sound like a certain somebody to you, Black, but neither of those posts in any way answered the OP's question.


To actually answer him, the exclusive radio stations only appear in the disc-based versions of the Episodes and replaces certain radio stations that were in the main game (e.g., Vice City FM replaces The Vibe 98.8).

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