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Maybe asking to Modify the original Xbox which is presumably easier... I heard it's more like a PC then the XB360, using it's own firmware software design.

A number of people don't believe it, but I've read things suggesting that future for Xbox and Windows gaming will marry the LIVE factor, the hardware may be segregated but the software design like Windows 8 and future GAMES for WINDOWS LIVE will involve more of Xbox Live so you can use PC games under the old Games for Windows Live and it may evolve into a universal LIVE feature, an online interface at least, and allowing for some ODD compatibility, my friend told me the Xbox HD-DVD works directly with the latest Windows, no mods needed, so this points to a possible future path, but the HD-DVD Xbox made uses it's own memory circuit board, which retains data for the drive while connected, so it must have this board to work at all

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