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My side project - 2005 Corsa C


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Recently my cousin decided to get rid of his 2005 Vauxhall Corsa C 1.2. I bought it off him for £700, with 81k on the clock. So, I decided to make it something a little more interesting, without spending an ass load of money on it.

So to start with, here it is when I first picked it up

Front 5psld.jpg

Side 263eddf.jpg

Rear 3rn1s.jpg

I decided as a first step, to start with bodywork, as the engine is still tight as a drum, and pulls pretty well for a 1.2, mainly due to the lightness of the car.

So I got the fugly plastic areas colour coded, and added some sideskirts, again colour coded.



It's also had a Sportex straight through exhaust fitted to it, but I forgot to take photo's of it :3

Planned Additions:

Alloys - PowderCoated gloss black

Irmscher Front Grill

Irmscher Rear Spoiler

SRi Smoked Rear Lights

Rear Tinted Windows

K&N Airfilter

and eventually a Z20LET Engine, running on 2.5 boost.


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One of my old mates just had his corsa featured in total Vauxhall. Legit Z20Let in it and all, turbo and parts salvaged from astra VXR got it nearing 280 brake.

But Alas, It's a Vauxhall Corsa. Not that I'm anti car modification or, think Corsas can't be done well, or acting as if my car isn't a rolling blue rustpile with a knackered exhaust, misfiring on 2 cylinders with 4 quid of petrol in the tank... I just prefer something a little more distinguished. Got my eye on a CRX (still) come November when the nice man at the garage gives me the look as if to say 'why are you even paying to MOT something that looks like a prop from Final Destination?'

edit: photo of aforementioned person's work.


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Yeah, I've seen various hidious looking Corsa C mods in the past, mainly the 'Euro' style, which involved tyre stretching them to the point of retardation. I'm looking more at the street / Rallycross looks, tempted to strip it out, but a Z20 with 3.5boost, and wack it up to 400break, and then just use it on track days.

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Not bad for 700! Personally, I'd skip the k&n filter though. Too dry, more dirt gets in. Too oily, it restricts and coats the MAF sensor. Plus you're not going to see any gains on a small engine like that, I'm sure the stock box flows best :P Keep us updated though. I'm into Honda/Acura pretty hard core, but it's always nice to see something different.

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