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Intel Haswell pushed back

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Intel's bringing out Haswell, and a bit later, Broadwell CPUs this year, however, CPUWorld (IIRC) reports news that they've delayed the launch to the later half of this year.... 2013

By summer or early fall, so rejoice, stay of execution for those using and buying Ivy Bridge or Sandy Bridge still

As I likely posted before, however, your motherboards will soon be as obsolete as mine (1156 socket), and all past technologies, a new required socket will loom on the horizon, 1150

I believe the dedicated 2011 socket however, should have some support further, but I would not hold out much hope.

The original Nehalem Core CPUs are basically on their last development iteration as the i3, i5, i7 1s, 2nd, and 3rd generation

Pentium and Celeron continue in the budget category, despite word that both names could be retired by Intel Corporation!

I would assume they still carry some cache (in name recognition! haha)

If you're an enthusiast gamer, I'm sure you're aware of both E-series chips for both Sandy and Ivy? The Ivy E will be the top dog I believe, on offer

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True, AMD has been kind in that regard, their initial idea with AMD 64 is to move the memory controller to the die, now nearly all the functions of the Northbridge on motherboards is being included in the CPU due to the area now shrunk down in a die-downsizing! GPUs needed some serious re-working, but I wonder about the advantage of having it ALL under one roof, the motherboard then caters to far fewer specific functions at the end of the day, but it should prove interesting as well.

I want to hear of what Broadwell will offer, and whether those two will cater to Enthusiasts as well as average Joe computer owners?!

I just Googled up this report, for example... I'm sure we'll know more in the months ahead as well, as it's closer to becoming the choice offering for purchase


As an aside, GPU, or the Graphics discrete solutions are also evolving but not by much in the new year, to be more specific, the current technology is rather well endowed, with CUDA cores and actual processing capability by the GPU to do what was once a CPU chore, having a good CPU and GPU will help aid the system's overall performance as they share massive data crunching duties

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