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Kentucky Fried Chicken fiasco


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Money or lack thereof plays a part in altering the Fast Food landscape, I don't know about you all, but I grew up with some of these known eateries all my life, and now, faced with HORRIBLE change at the hands of poorly run business measures at the top, what to think of it all... Sound off here....


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I really cannot say I am upset about this, at all. Yes I will eat fast food from time to time, but I will not be upset if they were to disappear. The food is terrible for you, most of the time they are made by people with no regard for safety and sanitation. The employees usually don't care at all because they make minimum wage and have no pride in their work. I can go on and on about the horrors of the fast food industry, but I will keep this short. I would much rather cook at home than eat fast food. Perhaps if they all disappear more Americans will learn how to cook and not consume most of the calories they need in a day in one meal, and eat one or two more meals a day like it.

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If I had the opportunity to own McDonald's corporation I would not hesitate to shut the entire thing down. Internationally. I know that would cost millions of jobs, but the BILLIONS of dollars McDonald's has would immediately be donated to all the small-time really good burger joints across the country. Take that, fuckin' Clown!

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