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I don't know, but it's not up to you to moderate, so until it is, please refrain from commenting.


Else what? You gonna cry to Chris again like a little bitch? Fuck off.


Or maybe you'll take the liberty of modifying my account settings for me again. Why are you still mod anyway?

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Yeah, pretty much, I mean he just cuddles me and makes everything better when people get self-righteous on the internet because i literally can't handle the banality of it all and it makes me sad :(


Also I never modified your account settings. Posts yeah, account no.


And I'm still mod because it irritates the fuck out of you and provides me with mild amusement whilst I'm taking a shit. Later, nerd.




edit: gonna lock this now, so if you want to vent your (misplaced) preconceptions about how It's just because I want to avoid the argument, do it somewhere where someone gives a shit. Oh, wait.

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