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PS2 Classics for PS3

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I have bought GTA III and GTA SA(haven't gotten VC yet apparently), and Chestnut and I played both of them tonight while drinking. Man, not only do I miss these games, I miss the years in which I played these games. I wish I could go back to just ONE day during the time period that I would play these games hours on end. No job, no bills, no worries, just GTA. Had a lot of fun hitting A+ level nostalgia while getting drunk.


Man, these games....

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No Job, No bills sounds like life for me before GTA ever released, but I did devote a lot of time to Uncharted 1 and GTA IV when I was out of work, listening to the parody and satire in the game about the economy in the shi**er


I got a job now, but due to a case of tendonitis, I opted to work part time, though optional, it allows me more hours to game, etc. Less stressful, and more enjoyable.


I just bought an HP 8510P Compaq laptop, it uses ATI and nVidia MXM2 based PCIexpress graphics dedicated to gaming and professional applications, and it's basic card is ATI's HD2600 with 256MB video Ram, loaded with a 2.6Ghz Core2Duo and DDR2 at 4GB, the game San Andreas flows very very nicely, so hopefully it's a good machine for a PC release of GTA V!?!?

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I do miss the time when I first discovered GTA...I played Vice City briefly at a friends house...had never used a playstation controller let alone a ps2...the number of buttons was overwhelming for me (heck, I had a hard time using all the buttons  on my old sega genesis)...but after playing Vice City for about an hour I realized that I "needed" to have it so I went out and bought a ps2 and Vice City...then I got GTA3 because so many people told me how much they loved it...I loved both games and played them through multiple times ...even wrote a guide on how to collect rare and unique vehicles from both games (mission sensitive cars with special attributes...some just in color)...my fondest memory was finally beating Hilary in the Malibu missions race...took me 2 nights and i don't even know how many tries...he'd always pass me right before that last bridge and then I'd drive reckless and crash...I recently bought both of those games on my android but the controls are hard to use...I need a bluetooth controller for my android...

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