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5 New GTAV Character Artworks From Street Posters


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While we haven't been posting much of Rockstar's street marketing on here, you no doubt will have seen a lot yourself, perhaps even in your hometown, the majority of the art is stuff we've already seen. Today we have some brand new character art which has gone up in Auckland, New Zealand. GTAForums member 10 Percent Guano took some great photos of the new ones.

gtav_nz_art_amanda_th.jpg gtav_nz_art_simeon_th.jpg gtav_nz_art_tao_th.jpg gtav_nz_art_tracey_th.jpg gtav_nz_art_wade_th.jpg

Now that these artworks featuring Amanda, Simeon, Tao, Tracey and Wade are now out in the open, we can expect high res digital versions to be released by Rockstar fairly soon. Remember there is now just over 7 days until we get to play GTAV!

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