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Exclusive GTAV Screenshot for TheGTAPlace


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Rockstar have very kindly sent us over this new GTAV screenshot exclusively for The GTA Place. It's Trevor having a fight with a car window! Cheers R*!



Hey Chris,
We hope you're ready as there's just a little more than one week to go until the launch of GTAV. As a token of our appreciation for all the great work you do with your site, here is an exclusive screenshot for The GTA Place.

Our friends at the following fansites also received exclusive screenshots:

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Precisely what Chris said. :)


Because I read an article which I posted a topic about here I'm no longer convinced that I'll get the game on release day and that it may arrive 2 days later. Plus my brother-in-law and my mate are already going to the GAME midnight release anyway, and I'll be in their area on the 16th so I may as well go with them and get it.

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