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Favourite GTAV songs?

The Bossman

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Has anyone here got any favourite songs from GTA V?  If so post them in here, I made an iTunes playlist not long ago and I'm pretty happy with it




Anyone here made a GTA V music playlist yet, as well?  If you have you should share it here too, just wanting some opinions on the soundtrack basically.  I think it's a big step up from GTA IV, Vice City is still my favourite soundtrack but this one is very very good also.  

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Yeah this is my favorite soundtrack since Vice City. R* set the bar really high with that one, its best they don't focus on topping it with more hits, which is what they didn't and it was for the better imo. Each area of the game has its soundtrack for that locale, like Blaine County and Rebel Radio, and I always find myself listening to something really good that suits what I am doing, wherever I am on the map.


I'd don't have a playlist so I'll list some songs that I really liked by radio station. Bolded songs are my favorites.

I'd Rather Be With You - Boosty Collins

Party All the Time - Eddie Murphy

I'm In Love - Evelyn Champagne King

Give It To Me Baby - Rick James

Skeltons - Stevie Wonder

Still DRE & The Next Epiosde - Dr Dre (classics)

You Know How We Do It - Ice Cube

Streiht Up Menace - MC Eiht

Gin and Juice - Snoop Dogg

General Lee - Johnny Cash

If You Wanna Get to Heaven - Ozark Mountain Daredevils

Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way & I Ain't Living Long Like This  - Waylong Jennings

Convey Theme Song - C.W McCall (this was a pleasant suprise hearing while in Blaine County)

Night Moves - Bob Seger

If You Leave Me Know - Chicago (all I'll say is this was really amazing during that scene ;) )

Photograph - Def Leppard

Heartbeat - Don Johnson

Breakup Song - The Greg Kihn Band

Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty (I actually asked R* to put this on the soundtrack)

I Don't Care Anymore - Phil Collins (my favorite Phil Collins song since Vice City Stories, which was Easy Lover)

Radio Ga Ga - Queen

Big Log - Robert Plant

Higher Love - Steve Winwood

Ogden's Gone Nut Flake - Small Faces

Crusin' - Smokey Robinson

Ready Or Not Here I Come - The Delfonics (And Pam Grier was hosting the station no less)

O-O-H Child - The Five Stairsteps

Smiling Faces - The Undisputed Truth

Rhythm of the Night - Corona

Glamorous - Fergie

West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

Don't Come Close - Yeaysayer

Shine a Light (Flight Facilities Remix) - The C90'S

High Pressure Dave - HEALTH


Ok leaving of a few radio stations this list as gone on too long lol. The stations that I haven't listened to that much yet, were FLYLO Fm, Soulwax and Worldwide FM

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CONVOY, one of the top choices included in the game, and of course, the incomparable Mr. Phil Collins and GENESIS returning to GTA soundtrack, so glad he's been a prominent fixture.


The Country REBEL radio is one of the best stations, even if Country isn't your thing, I think you'll enjoy it regardless.


Speaking about rock and punk choices, Rock is more like Adult Contemporary station for this iteration of GTA, Def Leppard being the hardest rocking band for straight up Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, my category, I love ballads too though, not ashamed at all to admit, since I grew up on 70s radio, and the Chicago song with Mr. Peter Cetera is one of the era's best

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I really don't like this soundtrack very much...I mean, there ARE good songs BUT, considering how many songs there are I would expect the ratio of "good songs to bad" to be higher...


All that said...I like Gin n Juice by Snoop, Big Log by R. Plant, Rain by Cult, Photograph by Def L...(I sense a pattern here...lotta liberty rock)...I do like the pop station for long drives...and the country station when I'm just poking around checking places for hidden things...west coast classics when in the city...other than that I don't listen to the other stations...The radio hosts were better on previous GTAs also...(the best being Vice City...they put a lot of effort into the radio on that one).

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I listen to the rock station a lot too. And overall I think that I like Liberty Rock Radio more than Los Santos Rock radio. The highs were just higher with that station. I mean for me If You Leave Me Now is one of those songs. Were as IV had Heaven and Hell and a few others that really stood out and still do five years later. It may be because I've heard of a lot of these songs, while with the stations on IV a ton of them were all new to me. But Liberty Rock Radio is still in my top 5 stations in the series for me.


Also the dynamic score to the game is really good, sometimes I just find myself listening to that while there is a chase going on.

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I Don't Care Anymore with Phil Collins solo is probably one of my most favorite of all tracks, and right up there is Robert Plant's Big Log, that whole album is on my iPod. Though I have Genesis, I didn't have the solo Best Of Phil Collins to get those songs to my iPod, I'm actually not sure if that is a Genesis track off hand! hahaha


If you Leave Me Now by Chicago is really one of the best ballads of all time, can't go wrong there, because Peter Cetera has an amazing voice, and you know it's him when you hear him sing. Same as Phil Collins or Robert Plant, or Joe Elliot of Def Leppard, there's your pattern! haha

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I find it hard to pick one favourite song because the soundtrack is vastly improved since GTAIV, I really liked Vladivostock or whatever it was on GTA EFLC, they had great feel good songs on there, dance floor fillers.  Nine Is God is a fantastic song, reminds me of Lost In Translation, and that band Wavves are really good too, I'm gonna download their songs over the next few days, very impressed with them.  Cocaine by Fidlar, that's a good FUCKITALL song, I like that one a lot.  Also, Adult Education which plays on NonStop Pop, reminds me of Vice City and the Out Of Touch song by the same people, Hall & Oates.  I could talk about every song on that playlist, I love it.  Baker Street another big favourite.

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Been listening to Pam Grier's soul Trax the other day in GTA, enjoy that, but miss some of the classical and jazz from prior GTAs. I hope DLC will add some genre music, they had enough time to get licensing ironed out, if they refer back to artists that allowed their music prior. I'm just not impressed overall with this game's music. It still cycles as a playlist a lot quicker then I'd have expected given all the hype.

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