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Why is the restaurants in GTA V,you can't enter inside?


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About the same level of decorative buildings given the increased scale of the game, I imagine, but yes, we did a thread on this about enterable buildings, lack thereof.


Rockstar are pressed for time taking as long as they did, and spending what? $250,000 or more to make GTA V?, We got our hopes up plenty high in the meantime. DLC or added missions and characters are doable as we've seen with Episodes in LC, and that made a few more buildings accessible with interiors and other peds, and activities, so I believe it's entirely possible. Remember that even though Rockstar's busy patching things with SP and MP, they aren't done improving or adding to Los Santos before GTA VI is well under way

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Seems a little too soon to even start thinking about "GTA 6". There's still so much room for improvement and expansion with their current "baby". Its much less work for them to build on their current game, and make more money from it, than to start fresh. And using EfLC as an example, the box will still have the same price tag on it. It took considerably less work to create EfLC, since they didn't have to create a new city from scratch.


Oh crap, this kinda went off topic huh?


Well, I guess my point was, there's still more they can create for GTAV - not just building interiors, new vehicles, new islands off the coast (fingers crossed for the rumored LC addin!), weapons, clothing, car mods, but even a whole new storyline, with new characters, missions, etc...like "Stories of Los Santos" slash "Tales of Blaine County" (hehe), and production time would be cut in half by having them using only a slightly-modded Southern San Andreas, giving us a new game to play with (or two, as in EfLC) in half the time.


Keeping all this in mind, I would rather they leave the idea of a GTA6 on a back-room drawing board for a good while, until every possibility with V has been exhausted, and Rockstar's milked every dime from us they can, NOT that I'm complaining! Its a business, and money is what keeps them providing us with new versions of the greatest game series ever created... (yeah, call me a fan girl, I wont deny it!)

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GTA VI is a given project, despite even Rockstar's reluctance to openly admit any work on it, I believe they were taking a month or two to recoup from the grueling schedule, and in spite of all that, they're under more extreme pressure to get GTAOnline working up to standards.


GTA VI is expected to work for the new consoles that aren't even out yet, so obviously, going to be several years wait from today, but hopefully, not coming at the end of those consoles' life cycle!


One of the major disappointments is that even without activity, you cannot at least go in and out doors on any side of any building. We saw even this minor addition used for missions in which you follow someone to their hideout or home, or apartment, part and parcel of GTA gameplay, really

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Well, that's all fine and good, but it's spam, sir, and totally off topic, idiota! ^ I'll return to reporting, but to add to the topic itself, I'd been all around the map and all the eateries are closed, it did add to the atmosphere generally, but I would say a simple idea to not have characters needing nourishment is the driving idea behind having them all presented in the game as facades. 

populating a larger map, more buildings, perhaps, a large swath of which do not have anything to offer the player, but I HAVE found stashed weapons, health, and armor as first thought, all around the map, and I'm not done searching yet.... but....


One thing I learned after a lot of time roaming right from the start, unless you proceed to get nearly half the storyline done, these same locations will not spawn useful items (not all, but for example, the scraps of paper and spaceship parts, in particular), so there IS that that everyone should know about GTA V!

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Rockstar felt that all the game play attributes we had in GTA San Andreas were not required in GTA V, and that extends to how GTA IV was played, eating was a way to improve your health bar, this was also true in Vice City, so I feel like this is something Rockstar WILL rectify as the GTA series moves forward. It seems incomplete without this. Who really wastes their game time with the car washes added instead? I just don't see the need for them, other then in mission scripting, they only serve as nice additional animations! haha

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