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Glitches Post Release


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I think I tried to get a Glitch Thread going while we were waiting pre-release... But can't find it if I did. The game is out and I'm certainly finding issues that just exist in the game, with RDR many of the glitches were patched for Multiplayer, but still exist in Single Player user installs that I am aware of.


For GTA V, I'm going to point out ones that aren't really useful or fun to exploit, but are existing at present


I'm looking at how they effect both Sony and Microsoft consoles since I now have a comparison copy and am looking it over closely.


PS3 and Xbox360, so far, I find them hard to differentiate, Rockstar has done REALLY well doing this cross-platform evolution with RAGE. I hope you find I'm accurate with the assessment. One glitch that simply shouldn't be are graphics for ground based brush (bushes) that appear along a road in East Los Santos, this is in the city outskirts, heavily populated location, two bushes constantly appear up at power-line level and they don't seem to change position during game play,


Another glitch I came across just jumping into pools to look for hidden items, one such back yard pool had no bottom, and I effectively fell through "blue Hell" until I reached the same level as the LS/LA dry river bed basin.

I basically fell to the cement ground level at that point and 'popped out' there, I'm going to test this glitch on the PS3 version today.



In the mean time, Googling brings up three YouTube videos and this article;



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I tried the pool one again, but I realized I was back on the Xbox so I'm not sure about PS3, but it did the same thing, spawned me further West and outside the pool obviously, standing on the dry river basin of LA/LS.


I've seen further glitching of the bushes that appear far above where they should be, ground based. They might only appear to the player as wisps of clouds, but they are supposed to be ground based bushes growing along roadsides

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