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In game phone photos


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One of the prompts I got today was I had filled all nearly 100 photos that uploaded to Social Club, some of this was done in error, and the prompt was to delete them you go into the pause menu, where Gallery is, all I can see is option to retitle a shot via console/controller. Perhaps there's more options from a computer at SC website, I haven't checked, but isn't it odd that the game is saying you can do it from within the game? I think there's an error here, but I wonder if you guys ran into the same issue.


We had a thread about Selfies and the like, I put in a link to my photo gallery, it's maxed out presently, so if you get a chance and found that, look at em before I delete what's there to take some more! haha

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When you are looking at a page of thumbnails of the photos(ingame on your console)it won't pop up and say it until you click it but click Y and wait for it to load and it'll say Y deletes a photo(on the 360). I've deleted over 100 photos already. I save them all onto my computer.

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I got into the Gallery from the START button (right of the Xbox center mass button. I didn't see any delete prompt from the gallery where you select a single photo for detail. I was going to see about the Social Club, but since it's confusing, I think I'll pass the issue along to Rockstar's email, mention it on the Newswire, etc.


I played GTAO most of the night the past several days, I got two invites to join Crews, I wonder did anyone who knows me here see me in session??

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I gotta figure this out while I'm off my system, so I can snap some more images in-game, but for now, I likely have to raincheck more multiplayer. My new apartment has no furnishings, and I'm just moving my STUFF in, so I have a makeshift chair, table, and bed! hahaha

No TV stand or carpeting yet.

Anyway, one other question, if you guys use XBLive and deal with MS billing, how should I go about canceling the billing before it recycles, can I do that without using my Xbox connected to XBL?

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