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"Holiday Gift Downloaded"

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I just got this on-screen message as I was starting GTA V (SP). What's this "holiday gift"? I checked my wardrobe, Ammu-Nation, and garage, but there wasn't anything new. I also didn't get any extra money from anywhere. Haven't checked any clothing stores yet, though.

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Got that as I logged off on XBL before Christmas, that was adding the masks, snow, holiday attire, all the limited features over the holiday that had to be delivered in that way were done with a download to append user's profile games. As far as can be determined without direct clarification. I believe some assume it can all be done with Rockstar addressing servers, and perhaps for things like snow in Los Santos, that is the way it's done.


Anyway, it's most likely limited to January 7th if not the 5th.


IIRC, I'm not sure off the top of my head, but you can change appearance skipping wardrobe using the SELECT/< / BACK button and holding it down for a few seconds to bring up the inventory dialog anywhere in the map and change your 'mask' or helmet (Santa and Elf additions) that way

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