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need real sex gta sa mod

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Well, the GTA series is known for their mature content, but as per forum rules concerning pornography...



No pornography - We like to keep the forums relatively family friendly. Members found posting links to or any pornographic media will be dealt with accordingly

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To avoid the same confusion as before, in the GTA4 topic, you're referring to Hot Coffee as originally appeared within San Andreas as an adult mini-game? According to Jacked, it was Sam Houser's idea and/or intent to have Hot Coffee come out without regard of the ratings board in the USA, and of course, the ratings effect games and other media differently World wide.


The book Jacked is somewhat unsubstantiated because all non bias negative press against Rockstar was ignored and a lot of what fans even pose in question to Rockstar Games directly will remain unanswered. They're more guarded of their 'empire' then perhaps, ever before.


The reason is as I stated previously, Rockstar are the 'black sheep' in video gaming. They've been outsiders since the company revamped from DMA origins.

(Direct Mind Access)

As I understand it, I think Sam had been open to offering two versions perhaps, and catering to an unrated and MATURE version, even though M or Mature qualifies most games in the USA for adult purchase.


They obviously denied any connection since it was attempted to be hidden once SA came out officially

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