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Help with demolition man

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Are you new to GTA gaming? Most people have found a way to get around set up guidelines and objectives within the open game World of GTA, in the case of that mission, I found beating the clock the most challenging so following tips from other players, they found clearing the workers who are threats before you start the countdown time, you have a lot more time to concentrate on the bomb dropping, but when you drop them, don't hover too high above the pedestals, also go up the staircases straight up if the stairwell allows, this cuts down time even if you have to guesstimate your available space.


Save N' Play is something that I believe Demarest came up with, he was a major GTAForums player until things went bad on a personal level, I remember him well though, another shout-out to him, we were on good terms. Why we were both banned has to do with embroilment we got into with war of words postings with other members, they eventually answered with their ban hammers.

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